It is well-known that investments are a great way to make a profit over time provided you conduct research and take calculated risks. When looking to see the most significant results and achieve high returns, it is essential that you invest sooner rather than later. Above all else, you must have a ten-year investment horizon; allowing a decade or more for your investments to earn substantial returns is at the root of managing a successful portfolio.


Dollar-Cost Averaging

For individuals who do not want to invest a large amount of money upfront, investing over a long period of time is ideal. Using dollar-cost averaging—which entails the investment of a set amount every month—individuals of nearly any financial status can invest in valuable assets. This practice is especially beneficial and profitable when conducted over a significant length of time. If you invest the same amount of money each month on investments, you will accumulate an extensive portfolio of shares; over the period of a decade or more, this collection will reasonably be worth more than your total investment.


Asset Allocation

Cultivating a diversified portfolio is one of the wisest investment decisions you can make. By investing in a variety of assets, you limit your chances of accruing unnecessary loss. Additionally, diversifying your investments minimizes unproductive risk and maximizes your chances of capital growth. As your portfolio grows over time, it is important to rebalance your investments which is made easier when you have a diverse array of assets. Many investment professionals believe that asset diversification 


Market Timing

When investing, you may be tempted to wait for the right moment when the market suits your needs. However, this practice is largely ineffective and can be a detriment to your earnings in the end. Even when the market is in a severe low, you should know that the market has always recovered from such slumps. Of course, you must recognize that past performance does not influence future results, but it can help you make responsible, effective investment decisions.


Modern Portfolio Theory

Maintaining investments for a longer period of time can generate higher returns, but considering market fluctuation and the benefits of certain assets over others as you near the age of retirement can help you better manage your portfolio. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) suggests that asset reallocation and portfolio evaluation should focus on the potential impact of an investment on a portfolio’s risk and return characteristics, rather than the individual investment’s risk and return potential. Consistent investment management will allow investors to minimize the risk of their overall portfolio while maximizing return potential.


Long-Term Prosperity

The most compelling reason to have a large investment horizon is the simple that most investments will be more profitable over a longer period of time. Liquifying your assets at the first sign of a market slump could result in a lack of profit or even a loss. Waiting out the slump, adding to your portfolio, and embracing patience as well as the knowledge that your investments will be more profitable over time will help you see higher returns by the time you decide to cash out.