A retirement portfolio is a financial asset that’s built through long-term assets. Though you might make investments today that you hope to quickly profit from, the strategy of a retirement fund is to build an account over roughly 20 years. You can build your retirement portfolio by collecting as many asset classes as you can find. The assets of a retirement fund include IRAs, 401(k) plans, savings and annuities.


The investment decisions you make now are based on the capital and discipline you have. Stocks, bonds, real estate and commodities are also used as assets to build an investment portfolio with.


Once you’ve decided on your assets, here are a few things to consider over time:


  1. Starting Early—Measuring Your Tolerance for Risk

Creating a retirement portfolio starts with containing your risk. Your risk tolerance is the amount of money that you can afford to lose. New investors, however, must be cautious, for their emotional health is also “on the line.”


  1. Using Growth and Income Strategies

Growth covers the type of assets that you expect to grow over a long period of time. Investments that you can use for fast money today are called income assets. Your strategy in a retirement portfolio, however, must begin with long-term investments. Investors need to gradually build the financial security needed to then focus on income assets.


  1. Diversifying

Growth percentages capture the expected returns of every asset class that exists. Though cash investments grow at roughly 3.3% yearly, for example, stocks earn 10% in yearly gains. Diversity is a strategy that keeps your portfolio from being entirely invested into a single asset. The more variety you have in a portfolio, the less risk it’s exposed to.


  1. Rebalancing Regularly

Rebalancing is the work you do to adjust a portfolio for better results. The success of a retirement portfolio is marked by its ability to outperform inflation on a yearly basis. You can rebalance a portfolio until it gives you the returns you expect for a given year. If you can’t beat inflation, however, then focus your efforts on preserving your capital.