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Destry Witt is the Founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer of RELiANCE Investing, Inc. in Vancouver, Washington. At an early age he displayed entrepreneurial aspirations. From his first paper route at the age of ten in San Jose, California, he aspired to increase distribution while also considering different business opportunities along the route. Often sleep was hard to come for the thought of various business opportunities. These thoughts persisted throughout his college years and into the early stages of his career as a Financial Advisor. In the financial services industry, he finally found a platform.


With more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting while working for some of the largest financial services firms including Dean Witter, US bank, and Raymond James, Destry Witt has utilized his education and experience in productive ways. Destry Witt attended Southern Oregon University in 1987 and earned his BS in Business Administration in 1991. During his time at Southern Oregon University, Destry got his first job that evolved from an internship with US Bank. Destry made sure to work extremely hard and earned a position as a marketing assistant after his internship had ended. In Southern Oregon, this sector of business was one of the few that Destry found himself connected to so quickly.


During his undergraduate studies, Destry fell in love with the stock market. When the crash of ‘87 happened, Destry found himself fascinated by how something like that could happen. As a result, he began to study up and learn everything he could about the stock market and began making his own investments. Along the way, he found that this was something he could see himself doing that would be career worthy.


One of the first deals that Destry was involved with was when Starbucks went public in 1992. During that time, Destry was working with Dean Witter Reynolds in Vancouver, Washington. Starbucks going public was a fun and exciting investment opportunity in the Northwest with Dean Witter Reynolds as the lead underwriter for the deal. Seeing the opportunity this deal presented, Destry wanted to become more involved. After being told by a firm in New York City that they wouldn’t be able to pull him into the deal, Destry was approached by a regional brokerage firm in Florida that had an office in Vancouver, WA and was aware of the pending Starbucks deal. They offered Destry a return in stock if he joined their company and, from that point on, Destry realized that he could be an independent within his industry and still reach the professional goals that he set for himself.


After working as a branch manager and owner at Raymond James Financial Services from 1992 to 2008, Destry began his own company, RELiANCE Investing, in December of 2008, and he remains the President and Chief Investment Officer to this day.


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RELiANCE Investing

December 2008 – Present

Raymond James Financial Services

Branch Manager/Owner
April 1992 – August 2008

Public Affairs NCOIC

U.S. Army, 104th Training Division
October 1983 – January 2006


B.S. Business Administration 1987 – 1991

MBA Business 2001 – 2004

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